just come follow me if you want or whatever since I moved it’s kinda lonely


just come follow me if you want or whatever since I moved it’s kinda lonely


Teen Idle —Marina and the Diamonds

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Anonymous said: omgosh i wish i was comfortable going off anon. i seriously want to help. :[[[

hey it’s okay.
I honestly don’t care who you are
If I know you, that’s cool!
If not, then there’s nothing to loose.
 But you don’t have to.
I’m probably just gonna lie here until I fall asleep, wishing things were different

Anonymous said: alright, i'll think about it! just hope youre okay.

I’m not really ever okay.
And it’s worse now than it has ever been. 

Anonymous said: what's wrong, hun? sorry if youre offended by that but i just like to call people that! i have been following you for a while and lately you just seem so sad!! :[

Oh it’s all good, I like pet names sometimes.
I’d be happy to talk to you if you came off anon
But I don’t want all my issues to be out for the entire world to see

I’m making a new Tumblr
I’ll probably keep this one
But I’m gonna keep the other one more private
So, I’ll follow those who I want to know about it
And you can follow back if you want
But if not, that’s cool too 

just kill me now, k.

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